Portage County Soil and Water

935 Industry Rd

When I bought this 10 acre property 20 plus years ago, it didn’t have a single tree on it. I have personally planted over 200 trees.

A few pictures of the pond at 935 Industry Rd.

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Recreational use over the years of pond at 935 Industry Rd

All 10 of our Grandchildren have caught their first fish in this pond as well as many other kids. Hoping our Great Grandchildren can do the same. (1st, 2nd & 3rd pic same kid)

Watershed in Distress

2022 county photo of watershed.

Photos of the watershed in the past 3 years.

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Most recent pictures – click to enlarge

Below video shows the relationship of pond at 935 Industry and Bison Feedlot

Normal/Average flow of water entering pond at 935 Industry Rd.

Below video shows storm water entering and exiting pond at 935 Industry Rd. Second highest water in my 20+ years on the property. July 10th 2013

I think most anyone would have a concern if it was their pond and kids.